Welcome to INI Sports

INI Sports is specialized in fitness and MMA products. We are the direct manufacturer of our products, that’s why we offer the best value price for our quality products.

We began selling directly to consumers in 2013 and we’ve never looked back. Currently, we have expanded well beyond our original vision to become an international manufacturer. we are based in Dublin Ireland.
we offer our customers only the very best quality. We  understand what our customers want and need as we also love fitness. Our sole purpose is to be able to provide products that will help you succeed in your fitness journey with confidence. Help you reach your goals and change for the better.
Our Brand INI Sports hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle and make an impact to all fitness lovers around the globe. We want a product that customers can trust and depend on. Our team puts in 100% effort to make sure that we only put out products that’ll help you maximize your performance. Each product reaches expectation and will take you to the next level.  It is a humbling experience for us to see people around the world progress and get to where they need to be with our help. We are extremely excited to work with our customers and create a positive, healthy community.

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